For a Better Indoor Environment.

Destroy the Dust. Clean the Air.

A software and hardware product which reconnects you with nature!

The indoor air purifier, Botanica, makes breathing freely the new trend…

The Newest Solution to Air Pollution

An advanced air purifier for indoor environments. Reasonable in price and extremely effective. The best investment in workspaces, conference rooms, restaurants, or any other indoor environment where you spend most of your time in.

  • Outstanding Performance

    Soundless process of air purification… With succulent plants, HEPA filters, pain relieving scents and automatic airflow controllers, Botanica offers the fastest and healthiest way of cleaning the air of its particles. HEPA air filters are the gold standard for allergen and airborne particle removal. 100% Biodegradable air filters.

  • Mobile App

    Monitor your home, office or any other space’s air quality in real-time from anywhere when you sync with the Botanica App on your phone.

  • Automatic Watering System

    You never need to worry about under-watering or over-watering your plant! It helps itself function thanks to the automatic watering system implemented within the product.

  • LSD Touch Screen

    You can command the device for its functions by the LCD touch screen which reads the signal from the touch and transports it to the processing unit. You can manage it with your touch without disassembling the device.

Incredible Air-Purifying Qualities

With all the elements that help in air purification, Botanica consists of UV purifiers that remove bacteria and viruses from the air. These ultraviolet germicidal lights kill airborne germs to help keep you healthy. They work best when combined with HEPA or HEPA-Type air purifiers. As air moves through the filter, pollutants and particles are captured and the clean air is pushed back out into the living space.

Automatic Watering System

An automatic device within the Botanica product that makes it possible for the plant to water itself when in need.

Simple Usage

The device electronically informs you when lacking water. The water tank is easily detachable. Simply drag it out, re-fill it and the device will continue to function smoothly.

Undemanding System

The device’s sensor detects when your plant is thirsty and activates the sprinkles with accurate water measurements.

Known for its mobility in any space​

An easily fitting product according to your spaces’ capacity.

Botanica Air Purifier comes in 3 different sizes: 

S, M and L.

Plug it and leave the responsibility of air purification to it.

Set the cleanliness of indoor air to another level with Botanica, an appliance designed to cleanse the air in any indoor environment, getting rid of 99.97% of the impurities such as odors, smoke, dust, and pet dander.


Air purifiers stop sickness and germs from spreading. Worried about catching your any flu or cold? True HEPA air purifiers with UV bulbs capture and neutralize up to 99.97 percent of the airborne germs that you want to avoid.

Air purifiers fit everywhere. They come in a variety of sizes and have a variety of features that will keep the air healthy in any room, office or any other space.

The EPA estimates that indoor air is two to five times dirtier than outdoor air — and sometimes up to 100 times dirtier…

Air purifiers trap airborne allergens released by pets.

It has the ability to absorb excessive amounts of carbon monoxide. Additionally, it emits oxygen and filters other toxins from the air.

Removes excess humidity